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Nikesh (Nik) Gudka


Nikesh Gudka (sometimes Nik), the founder and director of Atomic Build Ltd (and pictured here on their former website archive), filed for the company's insolvency in April 2023, a few days before a small claims court hearing brought against them by a former client (The Gazette; Companies House insolvency). The judge ruled in favour of the client and ordered Atomic Build Ltd to pay the full amount of the claim. However, due to Atomic Build Ltd's insolvency, the debt is unlikely to be paid.

In the months before filing for Atomic Build Ltd's insolvency, Nikesh Gudka appeared to be leading projects and online marketing for a building company named Trendsetter Group Ltd. Trendsetter Group Ltd was incorporated in February 2022, weeks after the client first began the formal complaint procedure against Atomic Build Ltd.

Trendsetter Group Ltd has the same office, operates in the same locations, offers the same building and extension services, and uses a number of the same employees/contractors as Atomic Build Ltd (as of September 2023). Reviews on Trendsetter Group Ltd's Checkatrade profile (no longer online, but available as PDF or in the web archive) suggest that Nikesh was leading multiple building projects for Trendsetter Group Ltd, a separate and equally small building company, in the months before he filed for Atomic Build Ltd's insolvency.

More than two months after filing for Atomic Build Ltd's insolvency, Nikesh Gudka made a new planning application listing the company name as Atomic Build Ltd despite the company being in liquidation (Table 1).


Court case

In January 2022, a client of Atomic Build Ltd raised a formal complaint against them, citing many issues with their work. At that stage, Atomic Build Ltd were a member of the Federation of Master Builders; their profile is no longer online, but is available on the web archive: Atomic Build Ltd's former FMB profile. The FMB arranged for Atomic Build Ltd and their client to enter Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which was handled by QASSS.

During ADR, Nikesh (Nik) Gudka insisted that the client should hire a RICS surveyor to confirm the issues raised. The client did so, and the RICS report confirmed the many issues as well as identifying a number of additional issues. The RICS reported summarised that:

"Some of the work is of poor standard and not likely to conform to Building Regulations with specific reference to the following:
  1. Part P for electrical installations
  2. Part H for drains
  3. Part A for structural floors
  4. Part J for gas boilers."

In conclusion about Nikesh Gudka and his team at Atomic Build Ltd, the RICS report stated that:

"The standard of tradseman used in carrying out these works is low and would barely convince me to consider them anything other than amateurish."

Nikesh (Nik) Gudka continued to dismiss and downplay the many issues identified with Atomic Build Ltd's work, and eventually stopped responding to the mediator. In May 2022, the ADR case was awarded in favour of the client. The client subsequently filed to take Atomic Build Ltd to court, and was assigned a hearing date in April 2023. On the court date, Nikesh Gudka presented a letter showing that he had filed for the insolvency of Atomic Build Ltd a few days before the hearing (with Valentine & Co as their practitioner). Atomic Build Ltd (represented by Nikesh Gudka) presented no defence, and the judge ruled in favour of the client, awarding the full amount of their claim.

Shortly after the court ruling, Atomic Build Ltd's profile was removed from Checkatrade. Checkatrade confirmed that any companies Nikesh Gudka and his Atomic Build Ltd associates work for would now also be banned from appearing on their website. This ban would only be considered for removal if they paid the entirety of their County Court Judgement debt, and even then they would need to undergo a strict assessment before being reconsidered.

New company

Atomic Build's former checkatrade profile, referencing Trendsetter
Atomic Build's former checkatrade profile, referencing Trendsetter (available as PDF)

One of Atomic Build Ltd's final checkatrade reviews, in January 2023, began:

"Trendsetter did loft conversion and extension as well as full house refurbishment."

This was supposed to be a review for Atomic Build Ltd, but directly referenced Trendsetter Group Ltd, a new company Nikesh (Nik) Gudka was at that stage leading projects and marketing for (see details). So it appears that one of the final clients of Atomic Build Ltd was unsure whether it was Atomic Build Ltd or Trendsetter Group Ltd who was completing the work.

Reviews for own company

Nikesh Gudka's profile
Nikesh's profile: (available as PDF)

A user named NikeshG-2 gave a 5-star review to Trendsetter Group, and also identified themselves as part of the Atomic Build Ltd team in a previous review (available as pdf). After being identified as providing a review for Trendsetter Group, the Yell user's name changed to RajeshK-55 and the former review for Atomic Build Ltd was removed, but the review for Trendsetter Group remained in place with identical wording and the same posting date (user profile available as pdf; Trendsetter profile available as pdf).

Reviews on Trendsetter Group's profile (as of October 2023) are currently disabled (Trendsetter on, although NikeshG-2's renamed user profile currently remains active with the same review (user profile on

Planning applications

Nikesh (Nik) Gudka was the agent for at least three planning applications in 2022. A company name was not provided on those planning applications, although the drawings used the Atomic Build Ltd logo (Table 1). He was also the agent for at least two planning applications in 2023, where Atomic Build Ltd was listed as the company name.

On 12th January 2023, an agent with the surname Gudka and company name Atomic Build made a new planning application. Revised drawings under the same planning application were received by the planing authority on 10th May, with Atomic Build Ltd's logo on the drawings (Table 1). Note that this was three weeks after Nikesh Gudka had filed for Atomic Build Ltd's insolvency.

On 10th July 2023, an agent with the surname Gudka and company name Atomic Build made a new planning application - note this was now over 2 months after Nikesh Gudka had filed for Atomic Build Ltd's insolvency.

Application dateAgent / builder nameCompany nameURL
06-Oct-20Mr SilvaAtomic Buildlink
08-Dec-20Mr J SilvaAtomic Buildlink
24-May-21Mr Jhonny SilvaAtonic Build Ltd [sic]link
25-May-21Project Director: Nikesh Gudka
Project Manager: Erkan Uyanik
Atomic Build Ltdlink
28-Jun-21Mr Nikesh Gudka &
Mr Silva
Atomic Build Ltdlink
20-Jul-21Mr Nikesh GudkaAtomic Build Ltdlink
09-Oct-21Mr SilvaAtomic Build Ltdlink
21-Feb-22Nikesh Gudka[Not available]link
23-Feb-22Mr Nikesh Gudka[Not available]link
07-May-22Mr Nikesh Gudka[Not available]link
12-Jan-23GudkaAtomic Buildlink
10-Jul-23GudkaAtomic Buildlink
Table 1: Planning applications with Atomic Build Ltd listed as the agent or builder (note: this is not necessarily an exhaustive list).